If you’re looking for the perfect pairing for your favourite pizza the next time you are dining in, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the initiative to help prepare you for your best meal here at Matador by matching up our draft beers with their perfect pizza. Read below for the pairings of some of our most popular pizzas and give them a try, or create your own personal pairing and tell us why it works well together!

For these pizzas, we have paired our beers on tap for that perfect pint pairing.

  1. Alexander Keiths – Brewed in Nova Scotia Canada, this North American Blonde Ale has a grainy sweetness with medium carbonation. Keiths pairs well with our Bullfighter Special (#24).
  2. Wild Rose – Velvet Fog – Brewed in Calgary, this beer is a hazy golden colour with a light body and sharp flavour of wheat malt with a citrus finish. Velvet Fog pairs well with our Hawaiian Pizza (#10).
  3. Village Blacksmith – Another beer brewed here in Calgary, however, this beer is a North American black ale has notes of roasted Alberta two-row barley with a medium bitter hop. Village Blacksmith pairs well with our Meatlovers (#14).
  4. Coors Lite – Refreshing and balanced this beer has a light body with low bitterness. Coors Lite pairs well with our Hot One pizza (#22).
  5. Big Rock Traditional Ale – Brewed in Calgary this beer has flavours of toasted malt and sweet caramel with a nutty finish, creamy carbonation and mild hop bitterness. Big Rock Traditional pairs well with our Pepperoni, Mushroom and Back Bacon (#13).
  6. Original 16 – Brewed in Saskatoon, this Canadian Pale Ale is made from two-row barley and five hop variations and 100% Copeland malt. This all results in a smooth refreshing beer with that real beer taste. This beer is also our charity pint where 25 cents of every pint goes towards Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids. Original 16 pairs well with our Matador Special (#25).

Not a beer drinker? Stay tuned for a blog about the best meals to match all our delicious wines!