“Since the earliest civilizations roamed the earth, a hardy glug of wine has been a dependable precursor to some of history’s most brilliant utterances. Successful lines of immortalized Grape-Speak have come from the most prolific drinkers of it.”  -Jonathan Cristaldi Aug 23, 2014

Louis Pasteur, famous scientist was quoted as saying “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages”

Galileo, father of modern astronomy said “Wine is Sunshine held in Water”


Groucho Marx, film star and comedian, uttered “I shall not drink wine before its time … OK its Time !!!”


Let’s pair some of our favorite White wines with our amazing dishes here at Matador Pizza!

1. Peller Estates (Sauvignon Blanc) – Light to Medium – Bodied with a fresh aroma of herbs, kiwi, and green apple. Crisp citrus zest to finish….Perfect pairing: Souvlaki!

2. Smokey Bay (Pinot Grigio) – A refreshing white wine with delicious flavours of ripe pear and apple, delivering a clean citrus finish…Perfect pairing: Anything really, especially Veal Parmigiana.

3. Sandhill (Sauvignon Blanc) – This critically acclaimed white enchants the palate with grapefruit, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lemongrass…Perfect pairing: Chicken and chicken – or our pizza #23.

4. Peller Estates (Chardonnay) – A dry white wine with green apple, lemon, pear and a hint of oak…Perfect pairing: Tiger Prawns Mediterranean & Linguini Rose.


Thank you to our wonderful clients for your support over the last year during this unprecedented time. We look forward to hosting you when you are comfortable to go out again and get back to normal routine.

-Matador Pizza and Steakhouse Staff


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