There is no right or wrong way to taste wine. Its simple… you either like or dislike what you are drinking. That Being said, there is a formal way to taste wine that reveals more about what’s in your glass. Here we will help you understand how our selection of wines pair with our dishes to reveal the wines secrets and underlying flavors. That way your wine experience here is delicious and not intimidating.

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” – Benjamin Franklin

A Perfect Quote still today, especially in these difficult times of 2020-2021


Here are some of our favorite Red Wine Paring Combinations for our dishes at Matador Pizza!

1. Grey Monk (Pinot Noir) – Notes of earth, oak and a touch of spice, surround this ruby red bouquet of cherry and current…Perfect Pairing: Lasagna. Definitely Lasagna!

2. Masi (Malbec) – A true Argentinian Malbec. This lively red wine is produced with only organic grapes…Perfect Pairing: Pizza! Any Pizza, any size.

3. Smokey Bay (Cabernet Sauvignon) – This Southeastern Australian red is robust in flavour, with soft tannins and hints of vanilla…Perfect Pairing: Baby Back Ribs…A whole rack.

4. Peller Estates (Rose) – Light-bodied and easy drinking with aromas of strawberry and watermelon with refreshing grapefruit…Perfect Pairing: Greek Salad with Chicken or Prawns.

5. Peller Estates (Cabernet Sauvignon) – A medium-bodied silky classic with traditional notes of black current, blackberry and black pepper…Perfect Pairing: Absolutely any Steak, or Pizza #14 (Meat Lovers).


“A Bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world” -Louie Pasteur (scientist)