From the origins of Matador Pizza and Steakhouse 45 years ago until today, we have striven to keep our recipes as fresh as possible using local ingredients. Everything from pepperoni and salami to the mushrooms and cheese is all sourced in Alberta. Using these items from close to home, we hope that you can taste the quality that our local suppliers produce.

We achieved our success with the help of these suppliers. To show our gratitude, we are highlighting those who have joined us on our journey. This month we would like to feature Alberta Cheese.
Matador has been partnering with Alberta Cheese since 1976, the year both of us first opened our doors. Since mozzarella is a crucial ingredient in pizza, we select ours with the greatest of care. We chose Alberta Cheese for its exceptional quality.

Frank Talarico, the founder of Alberta Cheese, learned his trade working at his father’s Ontario-based facility. By the mid-70s, he had already developed a reputation as a master cheesemaker. He set off for Alberta to create what would become a Calgary success story. In 1976, he leveraged that heritage, passion, and expertise to launch Alberta Cheese with a straightforward plan. Live every day through three fundamental principles:
1. Provide exceptional cheese.
2. With exceptional service.
3. Through a loving family atmosphere.

Alberta Cheese has built a solid reputation for providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Food safety is a responsibility they take very seriously. As such, they are proud to be federally inspected and HACCP compliant.
Today, everyone at Alberta Cheese continues to live by these standards of excellence. This fits with Matador’s commitment to high-quality ingredients, excellent service, and provision of a family atmosphere in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. As it did from the beginning – over 45 years ago, we still stand behind those same guiding principles.