One year ago, everything that Matador Pizza had grown to be over its 44 years of being open came to a giant stop. Whatever you choose to call it; SARS Co-V, Covid-19, Corona virus, this virus quickly and dramatically changed the course of the way we do business and put each of our team members to the extreme test.

March 28, 2020 – Closed!

This was the date that all in-house dining had to stop as mandated by the province.  We had to begin the horrible process of laying off a large majority of our team for who knows how long… All those friendly faces that you all got to see whenever you came in were now down to a skeleton crew. At the drop of a hat we were trying to reinvent how we operate in this new and sometimes scary world. Not knowing how serious things were (or could get) and not knowing how long it would all last made things very uneasy for us. Contactless pickups, delivery safety mandates, temperature checks of staff, hand sanitizer everywhere, wiping every surface down multiple times a day, wearing masks, gloves, cleaning, cleaning and then cleaning some more – trying to keep ourselves and everyone else as safe as possible.

We very quickly realize how fortunate we were however to have the incredible customers we did! People still were supporting by being brave enough to venture out to come pick up from our front doors or, at the very least, using Skip the Dishes to bring our pizza to them. We were so grateful to continue seeing those people that had been with us for years!

May 14, 2020 – So close…….

We were almost able to welcome you back inside our building – kitchen was stocked, staff had been rehired, and everyone was waiting to see your faces again! Unfortunately the lifting of restrictions did not happen and businesses in Calgary had to hold out for a little bit longer. It was very disappointing, but made more excited for when the day would actually arrive!

May 25, 2020 – IF YOU OPEN, WILL THEY COME???

We finally had permission to welcome you back into our seats and serve you in-house again, but worried if would you come back? We were only allowed to use half of our space and had to add more cleaning and safety and distancing protocols (including plexi glass barriers), but we so desperately wanted you to come back… AND YOU DID!!! It was so amazing to be able to serve our favourites and yours fresh from the kitchen to your table! As owners, we were very pleased that almost every member of our staff was able to wait out the lockdown and were all as eager to get back to work as we were to have them!

May-December 2020 – Returning to Normal(?)

 Things were running, but with ups, downs and everything in between. Things started slowly as people were still hesitant to venture out in the early days. Throughout the summer as things began to seem safer and safer you started to come back in more often, reminding us of how things were before all of this started. Mandatory masks, social distancing, ever changing protocols were still present for keeping everyone safe, but we were open and all in it together…

December 8, 2020 – The bottom fell out…again.

All in-house dining had to stop immediately. Staff needed to be laid off for a second time and our hearts broke all over again. Once again though, we were overwhelmed at the amazing support of you, our customers. You ordered delivery, you came and picked up your lunch or dinner, you helped us to continue opening our doors every day.

February 8, 2021 – After what felt like an eternity, OUR IN-HOUSE DINING OPENED AGAIN!!!

Our front of house staff was ecstatic to get back at it again. Our kitchen was excited to build the dishes that are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven. Our management was over the moon to see our customer’s faces at the tables again. Yet again, new restrictions and protocols mandated by the government kept things a challenge, but we were hopeful that we could please and satisfy everyone that came through the doors!

March 28, 2021 – 365 DAYS LATER…..

We are still here, still open, still eternally grateful to our amazing team of workers that show up every day with a smile on their faces. To say that this year has been like riding the scariest rollercoaster in the world would be an understatement! Staying on top of all the health recommendations and ever-changing protocols for keeping us safe has been daunting. Most especially though, the not knowing from day to day what could happen has been terrifying for all of us in the Matador family. It seems as though we are still very deep in all of it a year later, but we are hopeful for better days ahead.

The only reasons we have survived is because of our fantastic team of loyal employees and of course, YOU! – Our loyal customers and that have kept us going through it all.

Our gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you.