From the origins of Matador Pizza and Steakhouse 45 years ago until today, we have striven to keep our recipes as fresh as possible using only local ingredients. Everything is sourced in Alberta, from the pepperoni and salami used in creating our pizzas to the chicken, beef, or pork used in our lunch and dinner dishes. Using these items from close to home, we hope you can taste the quality our local suppliers bring to your table.

To show our gratitude, we highlight those suppliers who have joined us on our journey towards success. This month we would like to feature Pre Pak Meats Calgary Ltd.

Pre Pak Meats is a locally owned, family-run business offering wholesale meat and custom cut products to the southern Alberta foodservice industry. Pre Pak has been custom processing meats for us for decades. All steaks are hand-cut, and the local ground chuck is the key to our famous meat sauce.

Pre Pak Meats has been about quality products and superior service since they opened their doors over 45 years ago. They take great pride in treating their customers and employees the way a family business should. With approximately 35 employees, they are large enough to serve while being small enough to care. It is these values that resonate and align with ours at Matador!

Whether the products are beef, veal, pork, poultry, or seafood, or whether the meats are Halal, Deli, or Canadian game, Pre Pak Meats chooses sources that follow world-class standards and regulations around quality and safety. Animal care is important to them, and when available and requested, they source free-range beef, grain-fed, antibiotic-free beef, and pasture-raised pork.

Using their fully in-house meat processing, cutting, and packaging facilities, they can process meats and seafood to requested specifications, store orders onsite, and deliver with short notice.

Pre Pak Meats supplies us with the best quality products and services available in the market. All their facilities are health-certified, and they are ever diligent in maintaining the highest standards. They are a member of the Alberta Food Processors Association.

Matador’s commitment to high-quality ingredients, excellent service, and provision of a family atmosphere in a clean, safe, and healthy environment has perfectly aligned with Pre Pak’s strong focus on customer service and high-end restaurant quality meats for over 45 years and continues to do so to this day. Thank you, Pre Pak, for joining us on our journey of success!