From the origins of Matador Pizza and Steakhouse 45 years ago until today, we have striven to keep our recipes as fresh as possible using local ingredients. We source everything we can as locally as possible – from the cheese, pepperoni, and salami used in creating our pizzas to the chicken, beef, and pork used in our lunch and dinner dishes. Using these items from close to home, we hope you can taste our local suppliers’ quality.

To show our gratitude to our partners in success, we are highlighting those suppliers who have joined us on our journey. This month we would like to feature Nossack Fine Meats Limited.

Nossack Fine Meats Limited is a food manufacturing facility (part of the Nossack Food Group) located in Red Deer, Alberta. They supply us with the back bacon that makes our Hawaiian pizza so delicious. Nossack has a long-standing family tradition (spanning five generations) of quality meats that has been in the making since 1894 – from its roots in Frankfurt, Germany to today in Red Deer, Alberta. Karsten and Ingrid Nossack, the current owners of the Nossack Food Group, are proud of their heritage and preserve it through their delicatessen and quality meat products.

Nossack’s mission is to create quality food and honest relationships with Canadians and for Canadians while supporting LOCAL endeavors. Their vision is to preserve regional resources in the pursuit of sustainability for generations to come.

Karsten and Ingrid ensure their company operates in accordance with the Safe Food for Canadians, following the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) and mandatory HACCP requirements. They are committed to their customers and final consumers equally to produce the highest standard of quality and safe products.

All their products/materials are manufactured, stored, and transported under conditions that prevent contamination or deterioration of their products; and are in accordance with all rules and regulations as set down by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

In the spirit of local community, the Nossack Food Group and Golden Fundraising have announced their newest Community Involvement Initiative, the Nossack Athletic Ambassador Grant – $10,000 in Athletic Grant Opportunities each year!

The slogan of Nossack Fine Meats, “Nothing Could be Finer,” represents their balance of Old-World family traditions and North American tastes. Like Matador Pizza, the folks at Nossack value customer relationships and are committed to maintaining the highest standards for food safety ,quality, and service. Matador Pizza and Nossack Food Group share a commitment to high-quality ingredients, excellent service, and provision of a family atmosphere in a clean, safe, and healthy environment.