23 02, 2021

Perfect Pairing – Our Red Wine Edition


There is no right or wrong way to taste wine. Its simple… you either like or dislike what you are drinking. That Being said, there is a formal way to taste wine that reveals more about what’s in your glass. Here we will help you understand how our selection of wines pair with our dishes [...]

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21 02, 2021

Perfect Pairing – Our White Wine Edition


“Since the earliest civilizations roamed the earth, a hardy glug of wine has been a dependable precursor to some of history’s most brilliant utterances. Successful lines of immortalized Grape-Speak have come from the most prolific drinkers of it."  -Jonathan Cristaldi Aug 23, 2014 Louis Pasteur, famous scientist was quoted as saying “Wine is the most [...]

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21 02, 2019

Perfect Pint Pairings


If you're looking for the perfect pairing for your favourite pizza the next time you are dining in, we've got you covered. We've taken the initiative to help prepare you for your best meal here at Matador by matching up our draft beers with their perfect pizza. Read below for the pairings of some of [...]

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18 11, 2018

A Pizza And Place Like No Other


Matador Pizza sets itself apart from the rest, serving up pizzas in a style known as "Calgary Greek Style" a concept completely unique to Calgary alone. Pizzarias didn't really flourish in the city of Calgary until around the 1960's, and Calgary Greek Style is considered a 70's style of pizza that has held its ground in [...]

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